Ok I know all of you must be trying really hard changing to new template until this error occured... I got 2 solutions to remove this so that you will have no problem next time.

- Clear Private Data (Cookies or Cache)
- In Firefox (if u use one) Tools--> Option--> Privacy--> Under Private Data click "Clear Now"
- CCleaner is recommended

Second Method after the jump.

- Download the template you want to upload
- Get the XML file, right click and "Open With.." WordPad or Notepad (right click --> Open With --> WordPad).
- Find or "Ctrl + F" and in the search box type widget id
- Then you will found something like 'b:widget id='example1'
- Change example1 to example2, or if you found example3 change it to example4 and so on.
- DO it again until the end of the template
- Copy all, go to Blogger --> Layout --> HTML and paste it there
- Preview it 1st then save it.
- DONE!!

Try it AND please let me know if it works for you.


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